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Protective, GPG13-Compliant Monitoring Using EventLog Analyzer

​ The journey to a thousand IT problems begins with a single compliance lapse. Yes, this is the first time you are hearing it! So, tell us how often you’ve walked straight into trouble because you underestimated the importance of compliance

Password Syncing: A Remedy to the YAUP Syndrome

Gone are the days  when users worked on a single IT system.  Users today have mastered the art of working with different IT platforms, thanks to the proliferation of apps across  platforms and the urgent need to adapt to technological advancements. Organizations today implement new solutions and apps targeted to solve everyday problems.

AD Admins: Are you prepared for the worst?

One of Aesop’s greatest fables, titled ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’, teaches us a priceless lesson for life – it is best to be prepared for the future. While the grasshopper makes merry dancing and singing during summer, the ant diligently stashes away every bit of food it can save

Middle Eastern & African IT Professionals Often Pass On Secure Password Management

The   GITEX   Technology Week in Dubai gave   ManageEngine   the opportunity to interact with a cross-section of IT professionals from the Middle East and Africa, and we found that password security is still largely neglected.  IT organizations in the Middle East and Africa are quite interested in tightening security controls.

ITAM – a key step in reducing operations costs

Economy is not in your control, your organization’s operation costs are! The economy curve isn’t exactly going north and it is important for you, as an asset manager, to contribute for reducing operations cost. In a recent article by Gartner titled “10 Key Actions to Reduce IT Infrastructure and Operations Costs by as Much as 25 Percent”, one of the key steps mentioned was IT Asset Management (ITAM). “ITAM by itself doesn’t reduce I&O costs; however, it is a very effective tool to identify and assess cost reduction opportunities.” IT Asset management is not only a business practice of discovering and monitoring the assets, it encapsulates much more than that – cost monitoring, history, contracts management, notifications, software asset and license management, to name a few