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Protective, GPG13-Compliant Monitoring Using EventLog Analyzer

​ The journey to a thousand IT problems begins with a single compliance lapse. Yes, this is the first time you are hearing it! So, tell us how often you’ve walked straight into trouble because you underestimated the importance of compliance

ManageEngine’s EventLog Analyzer Advances the Cloud with ActiveState Stackato

The cloud, once known as the future of IT, is now part of modern IT infrastructure. With the growing acceptance of BYOD and employees soliciting critical business-service access on the move, the cloud is ideally suited to balancing these current market trends

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Secures Golden Award

EventLog Analyzer grabs windowssecurity.com golden award We are excited to announce that ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer recently took home the Golden Award from WindowsSecurity.com . Deb Shinder, MVP (Enterprise Security) reviewed the product before bestowing this award. We want to thank WindowsSecurity.com for giving us an opportunity to have our product thoroughly reviewed by Shinder, a seasoned security professional