ITAM – a key step in reducing operations costs

Economy is not in your control, your organization’s operation costs are! The economy curve isn’t exactly going north and it is important for you, as an asset manager, to contribute for reducing operations cost. In a recent article by Gartner titled “10 Key Actions to Reduce IT Infrastructure and Operations Costs by as Much as 25 Percent”, one of the key steps mentioned was IT Asset Management (ITAM).

“ITAM by itself doesn’t reduce I&O costs; however, it is a very effective tool to identify and assess cost reduction opportunities.”

IT Asset management is not only a business practice of discovering and monitoring the assets, it encapsulates much more than that – cost monitoring, history, contracts management, notifications, software asset and license management, to name a few.

Few ways through which AssetExplorer lets you identify and asses cost reduction opportunities:

Total Cost of Ownership

One should, at any given instant, be able to know the total cost incurred for that asset, so as to plan for future purchases. AssetExplorer lets you do that and also gives you provision for creating cost centers to monitor the IT asset budget used by specific user-defined departments/projects. This can be used for billing or forecasting budget allocation and to see if the budget has been used in the right way.

Software Asset and License Management

One of the best areas to identify cost-reduction opportunities is to see software license usage in your organization. AssetExplorer shows flash reports on the number of under-licensed, over-licensed and compliant licenses. You can also get reports on rarely used, frequently used software, this helps in license forecasting and existing licensing renewals.

Asset information and Contracts Management

By drilling down into an asset, you can see the history of ownership & scans and the contracts associated to the asset. You can get a lot of information about your assets, for example, a workstation will have details such as Operating system, software running on that workstation, other CI’s related to it, costs incurred, contracts. Auto-notification of contract

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