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5 Best Practices to Be a Successful Project Manager

As a project manager ​ who’s been around a while you would have experienced a visit to the project guillotine. Perhaps, it was due to a massive schedule slip, budget overrun, or scope creep (or sometimes all three – now that’s total chaos). And, as a project manager, you were the first in line at the guillotine! ​ In retrospect, you (always) get a feeling, “ ​ If only I handled the project differently, it could have been a success

A day with IT-Decision makers, Work’s not very appealing without a right solution!

Hi All, It’s been a while since I have penned my thoughts on technology here . Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by vastly experienced and very busy personalities; and the experience is such that you feel to share it to peers, right? Most of you might be aware of the Manage Engine user-conference which was held a few weeks back in Melbourne and Sydney (and we keep doing that around the globe J ).