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Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays Stand Foot-to-Foot with Wired Infrastructure

Coppell ISD chose Xirrus because the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array is the only device capable of supporting a 1:1 Initiative, reducing infrastructure costs and providing the reliability of a wired infrastructure with high performance Wi-Fi. Learn more about Xirrus! http://www.xirrus.com Click here to learn more about Xirrus’ wireless networking solutions

Consulate Health Care Upgrades Wireless Infrastructure with Aruba Networks

Consulate Health Care CIO, Mark Crandall, discussed how the organization’s new Aruba wireless infrastructure helps Consulate meet its key objectives including improving patient care, attaining better clinical measures and protecting patients’ health data. http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140715005458/en/Consulate-Health-Care-Upgrades-Wireless-Infrastructure-Aruba#.U8U5nZRdV8E Click here to learn more about Aruba’s wireless networking solutions

Big Data in ITSM

When we talk about big data in the world of IT service management (ITSM), we’re talking about two very different things: ​ Big data tools/services that IT provides to business – to number crunch business operations data. Big data within IT operations – to handle and leverage complex IT operations data. Big data services for business operations In an increasingly competitive, data-driven world, business managers are looking for effective ways to manage and interpret business data, especially big data.​ Digitalized business operations, such as e-commerce websites and mobile banking apps, produce huge amounts of data, which makes managing them close to impossible by using traditional computational models.

Continuous FlexPod Operations: Non-Disruptive Storage Controller Upgrade

http://www.youtube.com/v/9pOoqBsCbbY?version=3&f=user_uploads&app=youtube_gdata You Can Learn More About the NetApp Product Line By Going to www.NetworkStorageSolutions.com/NetApp The original article/video can be found at Continuous FlexPod Operations: Non-Disruptive Storage Controller Upgrade

Spamhaus, Cyberbunker and the largest DDoS attack on Record

Botnet owners took a page out of Chef Emeril Legasse’s cookbook and ‘kicked it up a notch’ last week when they launched a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Internet spam fighter Spamhaus, content delivery provider CloudFlare and other Internet infrastructure providers. The Spamhaus Project provides blacklisting services to many ISPs and email servers around the world with the intent of stopping the billions of spam emails sent daily

Take me out, cries IT! IT360 now frees executives from desktop bondage with an iPad extension. Releases 9.0.5

                                                                           Hi all,   We are happy to announce the latest version of IT360 : 9.0.5 This edition is very important for us as it begins a journey into a whole new world with different features. Bringing mobility in all our product offerings has been the priority at ManageEngine for a while, the sole reason being the popularity and usage of mobile devices

A day with IT-Decision makers, Work’s not very appealing without a right solution!

Hi All, It’s been a while since I have penned my thoughts on technology here . Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by vastly experienced and very busy personalities; and the experience is such that you feel to share it to peers, right? Most of you might be aware of the Manage Engine user-conference which was held a few weeks back in Melbourne and Sydney (and we keep doing that around the globe J ).

Data representation and Unified Dashboards

This is in continuation of Part 1 discussed in this blog. In this section, I shall take you through the various features of Dashboards as offered in IT360 and how to use them. One major need that you come across in managing the day to day operations of your IT [from IT Infrastructure Management tools] is to create custom dashboards specific to the following roles in your IT Department: Network Dashboards and Traffic Dashboards for your Network Administrators System Dashboards for your System Administrators Applications Dashboards for your Application Administrators Server Dashboards for your Server Administrators Dashboards for IT Managers, and CXOs And, the most important aspect of IT360 dashboards are its widgets and the possibilities / choices that it offers.