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ManageEngine User Conference and Training in Australia – Update

This past year, ManageEngine has been all about changing the game in IT. Customer-focused User Conferences have been held very successfully all over in US, Europe, Middle East and very recently in Australia. The two-day conference in Melbourne and Sydney was packed with key technical sessions, group-based discussions, industry information, and other useful take-away for our customers.

Upgrading Applications Manager’s AS400 monitor- Take Part in our Survey

We had announced support for monitoring AS400/ iSeries servers , a couple of years back. And now,   we are happy to announce, that our AS400 monitor is about to get a makeover!! We’re already working on a few enhancements to the AS400 monitor. Here is a sneak peak into what you can expect from the new AS400 monitor: • Specific Job(s) Monitoring : This feature intends to allow the user to monitor specific job(s) which are more important to them, by choosing the option “Add Job(s) to Monitor”

Tracking Workstation Logon/Logoff using ADAudit Plus

Before getting into the specifics, I would like to give a small introduction on tracking Logon / Logoff in Active Directory environment, which is a cumbersome process. Auditing the Windows Active Directory environment Logon Auditing With the current Windows architecture it’s difficult to get all logon data at a single point

Facts Revealed: Beyond Microsoft Partner Technology Advisor’s Mythbusters

  In Reponse to http://www.microsoftnow.com/2012/02/how-a-manageengine-partner-spreads-fud.html Facts Behind Mythbuster #1 I agree, It’s absurd to compare ManageEngine products with a complete enterprise-gas (oops class) Datacenter/Private Cloud management Suite from Microsoft. It’s possible that ManageEngine resellers expected Microsoft products to work out-of-the-box like ManageEngine products. Maybe they just downloaded the Microsoft SCOM and expected to see Linux and Unix management instantly

Integrated Physical & Virtual Servers Management

A recent study on what business enterprises expect from a performance management system, has shown that of IT professionals are looking for a solution that offers integrated performance management of both, the physical and the virtual IT infrastructure.

Application monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer – a video tutorial

NetFlow Analyzer is a bandwidth monitoring tool which helps you make an in-depth analysis about your network traffic. However, NetFlow Analyzer can also be used for application monitoring. Please view the video to know more: You can download the 30 day trial of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer from here

Uninterrupted Enterprise Network Monitoring

Much has been said and written about how important it is for networks to be highly available and how critical it is for a business, given the pace at which an enterprise network grows, and how the dynamics keep evolving and changing over time.  When the networks grow to accommodate the demands of an expanding enterprise business, the enterprise monitoring needs seem to get more and more complex.  Delivering high availability and disaster recovery is the mantra to successful, uninterrupted enterprise network monitoring. In this post, lets see how the high availability of an enterprise network can be ensured..