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Upgrading Applications Manager’s AS400 monitor- Take Part in our Survey

We had announced support for monitoring AS400/ iSeries servers , a couple of years back. And now,   we are happy to announce, that our AS400 monitor is about to get a makeover!! We’re already working on a few enhancements to the AS400 monitor. Here is a sneak peak into what you can expect from the new AS400 monitor: • Specific Job(s) Monitoring : This feature intends to allow the user to monitor specific job(s) which are more important to them, by choosing the option “Add Job(s) to Monitor”

Track Your Website’s SSL Certificate Expiry Date Using Applications Manager

In an era where online shopping is drastically growing and consumers are transacting sensitive information across the internet round the clock, you, as an organization, can never take a chance with website security. After all the key to any business, is the trust you win out of your customer, and thus increasing customer loyalty.

Season’s greetings from ManageEngine Applications Manager Team

2011 has been quite a journey for us. Along the way, we shipped quite a few versions (9.4 to 10.2), won over the trust of quite a few businesses and were recognized by industry analysts. We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us and helped make this journey possible. Team Applications Manager wishes all our wonderful customers and friends a happy holiday season

Tip of the week: Ping Retries and Port Check options to cut down false positives

We had earlier looked at the network availability check and url availability check options that help reduce false alarms in Applications Manager. This week we will take a look at a couple more options that could be useful in certain situations. 1

ManageEngine User Conference! Customers loved it!

More than 50000 customers from 200 countries use ManageEngine for ENTERPRISE IT MANAGEMENT ManageEngine offers simple, easy-to-use IT Management products at a price that every business can afford.It is thoughtfully built with SMBs in mind and eventually scales for large businesses. The ManageEngine 90-10 promise gets you 90% of the features of the Big 4 at 10% of the price.