View the Top stats of your network in One screen using NetFlow Anlayzer.

NetFlow Analyzer helps you to find the top stats
in a single screen using the dashboard. NetFlow Analyzer has some predefined

1.’Network Snapshot’

2. ‘Top Stats’

3. ‘Pro Plus'(available in Professional Plus
only) .

To know
more about dashboard in NetFlow Analyzer please click

Top Stats

Here you will know the benefit of the using the
Top stats dashboard. It is important for you as a Network Admin to know the
applications using your precious bandwidth and ensure effective implementation
of QoS marking.

his information is very vital in ensuring
business productivity and in some cases even business continuity. Failure of
monitoring these numbers will result in detrimental effects to your network and
as result to your business. So, keep monitoring these numbers with help of Top
Stats Dashboard to ensure that your network is managed with complete vigilance.

This Predefined dashboard helps you to find the
Top usage of the Applications, Protocols, Conversation for the devices you are
monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer.

This Dashboard helps you to have a quick look at
your Network by Protocols and Applications used. The Widgets available in Top
Stats are

Top Devices by Speed Line Graph

Top Application

Top Protocol

Top QoS

Top Conversation

Top Network Conversation.

To set this dashboard as default you can click on
Action(s)-> Set as Default.


Snapshot of the Top application used in the

Top host and Protocol using the bandwidth

Easy access for troubleshooting.

Hope this blog post is informative and helpful.

Arun Karthik Asokan

NetFlow Analyzer
Technical Team

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