Boost Your Cybersecurity Stance with ADManager Plus

Boost Your Cybersecurity Stance with ADManager Plus

Elevate Your Cybersecurity Measures and Stay Ahead of Risks!

Understanding Your Active Directory Risks Just Got Easier

With the Identity Risk Assessment feature of ADManager Plus, you can now get an in-depth analysis of your Active Directory (AD) environment. This tool doesn’t just identify potential security gaps—it evaluates them, offering actionable insights to help you strengthen your defenses. For organizations aiming to thoroughly assess their AD, this report is a goldmine, revealing hidden threats, highlighting critical areas for improvement, and providing a clear picture of your security posture.

Identity Risk Assessment in ADManager Plus


Why Risk Assessment is Non-Negotiable

Active Directory is the backbone of your network’s identity management and is incredibly vulnerable to cyber threats. A single misstep could have catastrophic consequences for your business. Following the NIST Special Publication 800-39’s guidance, risk assessment is a cornerstone of a robust risk management strategy. It’s essential for:

  • Gaining visibility into security weaknesses
  • Addressing security misconfigurations
  • Establishing robust security policies
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory standards
  • Understanding the threat landscape

Decoding the Identity Risk Assessment Report

ADManager Plus aligns with NIST SP 800-30 guidelines to pinpoint and assess risk indicators, summarizing your AD’s health with a risk score. A lower score means better security, while a higher score signals a need for immediate action. The report details each risk indicator, allowing for quick mitigation efforts, and provides recommendations to prevent future risks.

Report Highlights and Benefits

  • Overview of your AD threat landscape
  • Prioritization of risks by severity
  • Insights into risk indicators and their potential impact
  • Strategies for immediate risk mitigation

By performing risk assessments, you can:

  • Anticipate and prevent AD-related attacks
  • Ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR and PCI DSS
  • Enhance incident management capabilities
  • Conduct thorough gap analysis
  • Fortify your cybersecurity infrastructure

Practical Use Cases

  • Security Evaluation: Gauge your security strength with a comprehensive risk score and insights.

Use case 1: Security evaluation


  • Compliance Assurance: Meet IT regulations and streamline risk management processes with detailed reports that aid in compliance audits.

Use case 2: Compliance assurance

Additional Features for Comprehensive AD Management

  • Active Directory User Reports: Detailed reports on user activities for efficient management.
  • Active Directory Compliance Reports: Ensure compliance with regulatory acts like SOX, HIPAA, and more.
  • Active Directory Management: Simplify daily AD management tasks with user-friendly features.
  • Terminal Services Management: Manage AD Terminal Services with ease.
  • Active Directory Cleanup: Clean up inactive or obsolete AD objects to boost efficiency and security.
  • Active Directory Automation: Automate critical AD tasks for a more streamlined operation.

Trusted by industry leaders like Alcatel-Lucent and UPS, ADManager Plus is your partner in establishing a secure and compliant network environment.

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