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Future Ready Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Earlier in my blogs,we have explored different technologies and features that are offered by NetFlow Analyzer related to bandwidth monitoring. This blog post is about a futuristic reporting feature. The future is going to be IPV6(yes! it is officially launched) networks ranging from small to large are slowly migrating to IPV6 and for sure the IPV4 will be faced off soon

May 2012 Patch Tuesday Bulletins are now Supported by Desktop Central

Microsoft May 2012 Patch Tuesday bulletins   are now supported by Desktop Central. The patch assessment team at Desktop Central has tested the patches and have updated their online patch database on May 09 , 2012 at 10:00 EST.

Configuration changes, human errors and network availability

What happens when you face network outage? No need to explain – the effect will be catastrophic as everything gets affected. Your employees will not be able to do their work; customers will not be able access your services and in extreme cases, entire business activities come to a halt

Non-intrusive & Real-time Monitoring of Corporate Users Internet Activity – Part III

In continuation to our earlier post Non-intrusive & Real-time Monitoring of Corporate Users’ Internet Activity Part – I and Part – II , we will now show you how to monitor corporate users’ Internet activity with Firewall Analyzer – Advanced Search .

Monitoring Corporate Users Internet Activity – Part I

Like unrestricted privileges to administrative users in a network ( PUMA ), uncontrolled web access in companies has its own set of problems. Irresponsible Internet usage tends to reduce employee productivity increases security risks, and the prime bandwidth necessary for business consumption becomes scarce.   The Social Enterprise In this era of cloud computing and social media, access to Internet for business usage is the order of the day.

VUB deploys Desktop Central for automatic desktop management process-Case Study

VUB ( Vrije Universiteit Brussel ) is one of the Modern and Dynamic university with 150 research centers in two parkland campuses in the Brussels Capital Region and having a strength of 9000 students. It is the largest Dutch-speaking employer.