Understanding IP Precedence, TOS & DSCP

People using NetFlow Analyzer
wonder, what these reports DSCP, TOS actually means ? Here is the
blog which explain more detail about these fields.

The NetFlow packets exported from the
device originally contains ToS value on each flow. From the ToS
value, the analyzing software derives the DSCP.

Type of Service (TOS):-

The Type of Service field is present in
IP Header and it was originally defined in RFC 791.

The Type of Service octet consists of
three fields. The last 3 bits ( 7,6,5) are for the first field,
labeled “Precedence” , intended to denote the importance
or priority of the datagram. The second field, labeled “TOS”
, denotes how the network should make tradeoffs between throughput,
delay, reliability, and cost.The first field, labeled “MBZ”
( for “must be zero” ) above, is currently unused. The
originator of a datagram sets this field to zero (unless
participating in an Internet protocol experiment which makes use of
that bit). Routers and recipients of datagrams ignore the value of
this field. This field is copied on fragmentation.

DSCP(Differentiated Service Code

The definition to ToS was entirely
changed in the RFC 2474 and it is now been called as Differentiated
Service (DS). On the 8 fields, the upper 6 bit contains value called
Differentiated Service Code Point(DSCP). The last 2 bits are used for
Explicit Congestion Notification and it is defined in RFC 3168.

Given below are the interpretation
of ToS and DSCP fields:

DSCP interpretation (RFC2474) :


In DSCP the most
significant three bits are directly proportional to IP Precedence,
The below table explains on DSCP to IP precedence Conversion table.

DSCP Name DS Field Value IP Precedence
Binary Decimal
CS0 000 000 00
CS1 001 000 81
AF11 001 010 101
AF12 001 100 121
AF13 001 110 141
CS2 010 000 162
AF21 010 010 182
AF22 010 100 202
AF23 010 110 222
CS3 011 000 243
AF31 011 010 263
AF32 011 100 283
AF33 011 110 303
CS4 100 000 324
AF41 100 010 344
AF42 100 100 364
AF43 100 110 384
CS5 101 000 405
EF 101 110 465
CS6 110 000 486
CS7 111 000 567

NetFlow Analyzer
DSCP and TOS Reports:-

NetFlow Analyzer
reports on both DSCP and TOS, the DSCP report generated from NetFlow
Analyzer will show each DSCP marking traffic utilization and
application and conversation marked for DSCP.

The TOS report
will show corresponding ToS values for each DSCP.

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