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Securing endpoints, part 1: Ensuring hackers don’t manipulate your browsers to carry out attacks

By Bhuvaneswari Kg In a world of automation, computers and the data on them have become the backbone of many organizations. But data is a double-edged sword. It can be leveraged by organizations to improve operations, but in the wrong hands, it can be a deadly weapon for hackers. So how do organizations ensure their […]

Tech Tweaks – How to Keep Zoom Updated On All of Your Endpoints (Even the Remote Ones!)

Looking for a remote support & patching tool? Download a 30-Day Evaluation of ManageEngine Desktop Central here: manageengine.optrics.com/Desktop-Central Already using Desktop Central and want some help tweaking it? Contact us here: manageengine.optrics.com/professional-services Timecodes: 0:00 – Start 0:05 – Introduction & Question 1:19 – The Scenario Explained 2:30 – ManageEngine Desktop Central Demo 9:10 – Does […]

5 trends that will define endpoint management in 2021 and beyond

2020 was a year of tremendous dejection and disruption. Imagine if you had told your organization’s upper management that they had to switch their 10,000 or 20,000 strong corporate office to the virtual world back in January 2020. They would have flipped. Despite all the fear and loss that 2020 brought, we capitalized on the […]

Remote work: Governing and guiding end users

With remote work being the new normal thanks to the ongoing pandemic, enterprises are facing the dilemma of how to update and secure all their network endpoints while managing devices efficiently. Many businesses have adapted their operations to a remote work model. As a result, the increase in individuals working from home has put pressure […]

[Video Review] Remote work: Being productive in a pandemic

 My name is Scott Young from Optrics Engineering and I wanted to give you another tip for all of our clients, friends and colleagues who are IT managers and IT administrators. This one we recently posted here on our blog and it’s actually an article from one of our partners called ManageEngine and it’s […]

Remote work: Being productive in a pandemic

With coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaking havoc across the globe, its disastrous effects are felt in the IT world, too. The lack of a complete work environment, as well as communication issues in development and production, will likely cause a total slowdown in every industry’s growth. Remote work is now mandatory in almost every enterprise. According to […]

The value UEM delivers in digital upgradation of enterprises’ IT administration

2020 has arrived. Most companies are striving to become digitally transformed, business applications are moving to the cloud, and day-to-day IT operations are becoming more mobile-oriented with executives using a diversified range of devices. Employees don’t just use company-provided desktops; they often work on the go with corporate-owned, personally enabled (COPE) laptops, mobile devices, and […]

G2 recognizes ManageEngine as a High Performer in the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) category for Winter 2020

ManageEngine’s unified endpoint management solution,, Desktop Central, has been recognized as a High Performer and Momentum Leader in G2’s winter report for 2020. This is the second time in the past six months that Desktop Central has been named a High Performer in G2’s Unified Endpoint Management category. G2 is a peer-to-peer review site that […]

Monitor these loopholes to ensure complete network security

The continuous evolution and growth of the endpoint devices in enterprises makes network security management a primary concern for IT departments. As a sysadmin, you strive to ensure the safety and security of every device in your network. You are on a constant lookout for vulnerabilities and issues that might disturb the shield that protects […]