Future Ready Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Earlier in my
blogs,we have explored different technologies and features that
are offered by NetFlow Analyzer related to bandwidth
monitoring. This blog post is about a futuristic reporting feature.

The future is
going to be IPV6(yes! it is officially launched) networks ranging
from small to large are slowly migrating to IPV6 and for sure the
IPV4 will be faced off soon.

Here few
advantages of IPV6:

  • Simplified

  • Auto

  • Mobility

  • Secure

NetFlow Analyzer
as a bandwidth monitoring tool quickly adopted this migration and
brought a preliminary support to IPV6, that is we can see IPV6 related
information in the raw data reports.

For detail study
on data storage pattern in NetFlow Analyzer, visit this link.

IPV6 related
conversations, sources and destinations can be seen under Source,
Destination and Conversation Tabs when you drill down to an interface
and generate report for lesser than 2 Hours from the current time.

troubleshooting report will also show the IPV6 related conversation
report, Click here to know more about Troubleshooting Report.

Soon you can see
IPV6 support in Aggregated data and IP group reporting.

For 30 Day Trial, click Download now.

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Praveen Kumar

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The original article/video can be found at Future Ready Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

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