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How Secure Is Password Manager Pro?

Gone are the days when all you needed was a strong password to guard your data. Now, we live in an era where you not only choose a strong password, but also get a strong and secure password manager. A password manager is a premier solution that helps consolidate all privileged accounts ,   control s access, and safeguard s the accounts.

Autoarchiving Security Logs in Event Viewer

A small, nearly hidden feature of the Event Viewer by Microsoft is the ability to autoarchive the logs. Of course, one of the most important Event Viewer logs is the security log. For years, we have had to develop solutions or acquire software to help archive the security log when it fills up; but now, that is no longer necessary.

7 Tips to Maximize IT Service Desk Performance with ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk  Plus has an ocean of features for all the IT service desk technicians who want to manage the complete  life cycle  of their tickets. However, there are some unique features that add punch to your service desk operations.

ADAudit Plus Voted WindowSecurity.com Readers’ Choice Winner

Talk about a wonderful holiday gift: Leading Windows security resource site, WindowSecurity.com, recently announced that ManageEngine ADAudit Plus was voted the winner in the  Network Auditing category of the 2014 WindowSecurity.com Readers’ Choice Awards . Better still, ADAudit Plus garnered 25 percent of the votes cast. To put that in perspective, we received almost twice as many votes as the first runner-up.

AD Admins: Are you prepared for the worst?

One of Aesop’s greatest fables, titled ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’, teaches us a priceless lesson for life – it is best to be prepared for the future. While the grasshopper makes merry dancing and singing during summer, the ant diligently stashes away every bit of food it can save

Code Spaces AWS Security Breach: A Sad Reminder of the Importance of Cloud Environment Password Management

In the recently concluded Black Hat USA, 2014, one of the topics that drew much attention was the session on the pitfalls in cloud environment security. Normally, such deliberations at security conferences are perceived as hypothetical or purely academic. However, it was different this year with security professionals becoming quite interested in this topic. The reason for this is quite obvious – just a while ago, CodeSpaces.com, a code-hosting and collaboration platform went out of business for a whole day because hackers gained access to their Amazon EC2 control panel and deleted data of hundreds of their customers