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“I am a 100% ServiceDesk Plus customer for life “- Radiology Associates

Radiology Associates is a medical imaging business with four imaging centers and a corporate headquarters based in Corpus Christi, Texas. The company provides a full range of outpatient imaging services. An IT team of 10 uses ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise edition to support 250 workstations

Attend Our Webinar; Improve Your Data Center Efficiency and Streamline ​Business Services Delivery

Delivering business-critical services to end users without any disruption or degradation in the quality or speed can be quite a challenge. The underlying  network and server layers must be in top shape, because  a ny performance degradation, fault, or attack in these layers will affect the service delivery.

​Think Before You Wipe: Destroying Mobile Data Is Just One Option for Missing Devices

Modern day organizations provide employees the flexibility to work from anywhere around the office, ​ such as the workstation, cafeteria, or meeting rooms. When employees use mobile devices to do work, they will store data on them. And, when employees move around with these devices, ​ there is a fair chance a few of the devices will get lost

Worrying Doesn’t Keep IT Problems Away. Good Tools Do!

Free tools to quickly troubleshoot your way and stay on top of IT Love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Surprises, pleasant or otherwise, are a way of life for a s ysadmin. The degree of surprise however determines how the rest of the day turns out for the sysadmin

Overcoming Virtualization Management Challenges with VM Manager Plus

Server  virtualization  has become a widely-adopted technology in data centers. The a bility to share all the available resources across various virtual machines ( VMs ) makes server  virtualization  highly  scalable  and efficient, which helps to  reduce  opex .  Apparently,  Gartner  found  more than 50 percent of overall servers in the world are  virtualized . By 2015, that share will increase to 75 percent

​Maximize Your Application Performance to Ensure Successful Business Outcomes – September 9, Forrester Webinar

Join  Forrester   and  ManageEngine   on a free, one-hour  webinar  that will help you discover ways to unlock the true prowess of application monitoring. Learn how to fully leverage the capabilities your APM tool to give your business that much-needed boost. John  Rakowski ,  Forrester’s  leading analyst and  advisor  working with infrastructure and operations professionals, will be the keynote presenter.  John has been helping IT leaders and their teams understand the business value of service management, develop their strategies, evaluate and select vendor tools, and implement service management processes

Find your faulty corporate iPhone 5 devices in no time!

Recently, Apple launched  an iPhone recall  program for selected devices. According to a statement from  Apple, some of the  iPhone 5 devices that were sold between September 2012 and January 2013 may  experience shorter battery life or may have to be charged frequently.

Remote Control Desktops and Provide Better Support

Ever wondered whether you can run a business without the aid of technology?  If your answer is  impossible , you’re definitely spot-on! Because,  today, almost every business runs on technology. For this post, let’s confine ourselves to desktop support

Social IT in the Enterprise: Getting Past the Hype

Social IT has generated a lot of hype over the last few years but many organizations have been left wondering how to turn the grand theory into practice – in a way that delivers tangible results for the business. People know what social media is; they just don’t know how to transfer the principles of social media into the world of IT operations to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase IT customer satisfaction.