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“I am a 100% ServiceDesk Plus customer for life “- Radiology Associates

Radiology Associates is a medical imaging business with four imaging centers and a corporate headquarters based in Corpus Christi, Texas. The company provides a full range of outpatient imaging services. An IT team of 10 uses ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise edition to support 250 workstations

Customer Talk : How ServiceDesk Plus Helped Civil Air Patrol – California Wing?

Service Desk Plus Civil Air Patrol – California Wing Who is Civil Air Patrol? The Civil Air Patrol is a Nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization with three (3) primary missions Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education and Emergency Services.  We have some 3500+ members in the California Wing   that are involved in some way with one of those three (3) missions.  Our all-volunteer Information Technology department is responsible for working with many of these members to support, maintain and implement different types of technology and/or infrastructure.  With a geographic area as large as ours we have many different people involved in fulfilling those requests for support, maintenance and implementation.  More information on our history can be found at the National Civil Air Patrol Website . How ServiceDesk Plus Helped Civil Air Patrol – California Wing

WatchGuard Leads the Way for Next Generation IT Professionals

Because a strong working knowledge of network security is so important in the education of future IT professionals, Cracow University of Technology installed a learning lab for hands-on practice with the newest, most sophisticated security technologies. See why they chose WatchGuard UTM and XTM solutions as teaching tools to give their students the experience they need to handle today’s – and tomorrow’s – network threats.

Fortune 200 Firm Achieves Global Email Protection

Eaton Corporation, a global company with more than 70000 employees needed a complete messaging security solution to handle more than 200 million incoming emails every month. Watch and see how WatchGuard XCS provided an easy to manage, reliable solution that exceeded their performance requirements and offered powerful reporting and management tools out of the box.