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Catch Up on WatchGuard’s Daily Security Bytes

As I mentioned earlier , at the beginning of the year I launched a new video series called WatchGuard’s Daily Security Byte. This video—which I’ll post here every week day—shares interesting information security (infosec) news or practical security tips everyday

Success Story: Automating Critical Network Operations Across 300 Locations for World’s Leading News Agency

Imagine the IT division of a large news agency that provides real-time news to its subscribers – including print and electronic media in over 100 countries – on a 24×7 basis.

Why MSPs Should Take Extra Care in Managing Client Passwords

Passwords on spreadsheets put client networks at risk, along with Managed IT service providers’ credibility and trustworthiness. Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) deliver a variety of IT and network management services to their clients. In particular, small and medium organizations are increasingly relying on MSPs to manage part or all of their IT services

Case Study: Delivering PCI-DSS Compliance, Centralized Network Config Management for UK’s Largest IT Services and Outsourcing Company

Success Story In our latest case study, an IT operations analyst at a trusted IT services and outsourcing company — the largest in the UK — reveals how DeviceExpert has improved the performance and overall security of a diverse array of managed devices and has simplified the jobs of the company’s network admins. Imagine the IT division of your company relies on disparate devices, including telecommunication devices, network devices, and virtual and physical systems spread across multiple, geographic locations.

Policy-Driven Network Configuration Management Critical to Network Security

(Originally published in Information Week ) Manual processes to managing device configurations often create gaping security holes! Today’s enterprises face unprecedented cyber-security threats. New breed of cyber-attacks are constantly evolving even as enterprises continue to bolster their defenses