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Mobile Device Manager Plus is here to make your service desk more efficient

On an average day, help desk technicians battle against forgotten passwords, never-ending updates, and misplaced devices. This incessant inflow of mundane tickets can allow business-critical issues to slip under technicians’ radar. What if there was a solution to reduce the effort spent on these routine tickets, and allow help desk technicians to spend more time […]

Success Story: Automating Critical Network Operations Across 300 Locations for World’s Leading News Agency

Imagine the IT division of a large news agency that provides real-time news to its subscribers – including print and electronic media in over 100 countries – on a 24×7 basis.

A Leading Indian Cement Company Adopts Desktop Central, Improves Desktop Operational Efficiency by 60 percent

Here’s a case study that talks about how Desktop Central made all the difference to a leading Indian cement company. We’ll discuss in detail how the company improved its desktop management operations and managed a diverse array of devices and simplified the work of the system administrators