How do you end up with a $4.3M HIPAA fine?

A Judge ruled in favor of the Office of Civil Rights and upheld a fine of $4,348,000 against MD Anderson, a cancer treatment and research center in Texas. This was the 4th... Read more »

Cryptowall Virus Epidemic: Do You Know the Signs and Symptoms?

A few years ago one would not have imagined that computer files could be held for ransom. Today, the idea of such a hack still seems far-fetched, but this was reality in... Read more »

Internet Storm Center – SANS Internet Storm Center

An excellent post from the Internet Storm Center about a criminal group using the Fiesta exploit kit (EK) to infect Windows computers. Source: Internet Storm Center – SANS Internet Storm Center   Read more »

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From the beginning, F-Secure has been 100% committed to the success of our partners. Read more »