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Patch Manager Plus is among B2B review platform’s top performing patching solutions

CompareCamp is a trusted B2B review platform manned by leading industry experts that evaluate SaaS tools. It’s a credible source of SaaS reviews that provides tips, information, and analysis to help businesses select the right software.According to the experts at CompareCamp and users of the platform, Patch Manager Plus is one of the market’s top-performing […]

Why litigation holds are not a viable alternative to backups

Microsoft does not provide backup and recovery tools for its Office 365 services and has no plans to include them in the future. Some organizations use litigation holds as a substitute for email data protection, but this method doesn’t meet all the requirements that are expected of a backup solution.A litigation hold placed on mailboxes […]

Extortion Threatens Reputational Damage

Scammers are sending emails threatening to damage the reputation of websites unless the sites’ owners hand over 0.3 bitcoin, or around $2,400, according to BleepingComputer.The attackers say that they’ll send out billions of spam emails to millions of email addresses and websites. All of these emails will be spoofed to appear as though they’re being […]

ManageEngine Desktop Central: Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software

Do You Need an Easy Way to Manage Your Organization’s Desktops & Mobile Devices?Introducing ManageEngine Desktop Central – Desktop & Mobile Device Management Software.Desktop Central is a unified endpoint management solution that helps you manage your servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones & tablets from a central location.Download Your 30-Day Trial at manageengine.optrics.com/DesktopCentral and then discover how […]

Two-factor authentication for secure access to cloud apps in hybrid AD

In an earlier post, we dealt with the benefits of single sign-on (SSO) for cloud apps in hybrid Active Directory (AD). While SSO is good in the sense that it simplifies user access to multiple cloud apps, it doesn’t adequately shield users from compromised credentials. When a user’s password is compromised in an SSO environment, […]

Single sign-on (SSO) for the cloud

Nearly every organization has some cloud-based application. Of course the common cloud apps include Microsoft Azure, Office 365, G Suite, those from Zoho and Salesforce, and more. As administrators, we want to make our jobs more efficient and we also want to reduce the load on our users whenever possible. Now with ADSelfService Plus, you […]

Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Morse code

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIPWYR9e8PIDon’t communicate with Morse Code. Just get Sophos. We’ll protect you.Click HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!

Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Email

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ3fbSFvX90You don’t need to resort to bow and arrow to communicate. It’s okay to use email. We’ll protect you.Click HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!

Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Kung Fu

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOj7R6_9tzsYou don’t need a Kung Fu MasterClick HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!

Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Siri

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D66NqBJk4QDon’t rely on Siri to eliminate ransomware.Click HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!