Global Utilities See Cyberattacks as Greater Threat to Operations than IT with Half Experiencing Outages

Global industrial organizations are seeing and feeling the effects of cyberattacks, recognizing the material impact potential upon operations. The latest report from Ponemon and Siemens, entitled Are Utilities Keeping Up with the... Read more »

Pervasive Ransomware Infection Cost German Software Company Pilz Tens Of Millions Of Euros

A pervasive ransomware infection cost the German automation company Pilz an estimated tens of millions of euros, says Jan Tournois, director of the Dutch department of the multinational. Pilz systems became infected... Read more »

Business Email Compromise Topples Over $26 Billion in Losses

This lucrative business of tricking companies into fraudulently transferring funds into cybercriminal-owned bank accounts is showing signs of growing. Scammers use many forms of attack to attempt to separate your organization from... Read more »

You Can’t Always Trust a Dot-Gov Domain

It may be easier than one thinks to register a dot-gov domain, according to KrebsOnSecurity. People have tended to regard urls with the top-level domain dot gov as generally reliable, but this... Read more »