Google Ads Abused to Deliver Malware

Google Ads Abused to Deliver Malware

Cybercriminals are using malicious Google Ads to deliver the ZLoader banking Trojan, ZDNet reports. Researchers at Microsoft stated on Twitter that attackers are purchasing Google Ads that point to compromised websites, then... Read more »

[Heads Up] Has Your Exchange Been Hacked And Is Now A Ticking Time Bomb?

Brian Krebs wrote: “Globally, hundreds of thousand of organizations running Exchange email servers from Microsoft just got mass-hacked, including at least 30,000 victims in the United States.” UPDATE: ESET has just published... Read more »

Credential Harvesting Attacks Targeting the U.S. Federal Government Nearly Double as Malware Declines

Shifts to a remote workforce in 2020 gave cybercriminals an opportunity to change tactics, focusing on credentialed access to systems accessed from outside government networks. New data from mobile security vendor, Lookout... Read more »

Are you listening to your logs? Part 3: High disk usage

In the previous blog of this series, we saw how server crashes can be avoided by detecting low disk space in time using logs. In this blog, we’ll talk about another server... Read more »