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Can COVID-19 Related Data Breach Worries Stop Your Mergers Or Acquisitions?

The WSJ just reported that the new coronavirus has thrown the M&A dealmaking into disarray. They said: “cybersecurity experts say the workplace upheaval caused by the pandemic will complicate mergers and acquisitions when activity picks up.Countless employees are working remotely on networks that might be vulnerable to attack, while others with access to confidential data […]

Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Supercomputers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oysh35-zAdAYou don’t need a (possibly evil) supercomputer to guard against cyber threats like hackers. Let Sophos protect you insteadClick HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!

Next Generation Firewalls May Not Stop Malware

Best Defense Against Malicious Encrypted TrafficBad actors and malicious insiders are concealing threats in encrypted traffic in an attempt to steal sensitive data. In fact, it is predicted that as much as 70% of cyberattacks will use encryption as part of their delivery mechanism by 2019.Meanwhile, the use of encryption is growing rapidly. The latest […]

Are you wasting money on this common cybersecurity investment?

A wasted investment is the last thing any organization needs, yet the cost of a cybersecurity solution doesn’t necessarily equate to value. Consider Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM tools for example. Dark Reading points out that the tool itself is not the key factor in the effectiveness – it must be properly configured […]