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Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Siri

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D66NqBJk4Q Don’t rely on Siri to eliminate ransomware. Click HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!

Security tips by Dave Malarky, CEO: Time Machine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOanjvMb8X4 You won’t need a time machine to get out of a ransomware attack, but you will need Sophos. Click HERE to learn more about Sophos’ security solutions!

One Product Line, Three NSS Labs Awards

Fortinet has earned three NSS Labs’ coveted “Recommend” ratings by delivering outstanding enterprise management, security effectiveness and TCO in three group tests: 2013 Next Generation Firewall 2013 Network Firewall 2012 Network Intrusion Prevention   NSS Labs put the FortiGate-3600C, FortiGate-800C and FortiGate-3240C appliances through extensive real-world tests and awarded each the “Recommend” rating for providing “a very high level of protection, manageability and value for money.” These awards are a big deal for several reasons. First, NSS Labs provides solid insight into the true performance of network security devices and their ability to protect against a wide range of threats. Network security professionals understand the need to balance the potentially competing requirements of more performance and more security at an abstract level, but often lack the information they need to make informed buying decisions.

Advanced Persistent Threats: A Breakdown

It seems that lately, threats that were once were simply known as “malware” or “viruses” have been elevated to the status of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), a term that has strategically been used to strike fear in the hearts of consumers. These days, APTs have a much more common presence in the media, and some of the most notorious have included major global threats such as Ghostnet (a botnet deployed in various offices and embassies to monitor the Dalai Lama agenda), Shady RAT (like Ghostnet but with government and global corporate targets), Operation Aurora (a threat that monitored Chinese dissidents’ Gmail accounts in 2009) and Stuxnet (an attempt to disrupt Iran’s uranium enrichment program) in 2010