One Product Line, Three NSS Labs Awards

Fortinet has earned three NSS Labs’ coveted “Recommend” ratings by delivering outstanding enterprise management, security effectiveness and TCO in three group tests:

  • 2013 Next Generation Firewall
  • 2013 Network Firewall
  • 2012 Network Intrusion Prevention


NSS Labs put the FortiGate-3600C, FortiGate-800C and FortiGate-3240C appliances through extensive real-world tests and awarded each the “Recommend” rating for providing “a very high level of protection, manageability and value for money.”

These awards are a big deal for several reasons. First, NSS Labs provides solid insight into the true performance of network security devices and their ability to protect against a wide range of threats. Network security professionals understand the need to balance the potentially competing requirements of more performance and more security at an abstract level, but often lack the information they need to make informed buying decisions.

Organizations traditionally cannot compare the performance of one vendor’s device versus another across a range of metrics using real-world data, nless they engage in expensive and time-consuming proof of concept tests. In addition, they often lack the ability to measure the impact of new technologies they have yet to deploy in their network, such as enabling smartphone and tablet access to network resources. These tests provide that information (such as the effect of small packets, generated by mobile devices and mobile apps, on a device’s throughput and latency).

Second, because the FortiGate-3600C, FortiGate-3240C, and FortiGate-800C delivered on what enterprise customers expect from the products they rely on to protect their networks: performance, accuracy and manageability.

The Fortinet design philosophy has always been to combine purpose-built hardware (including FortiASIC custom processors) and the FortiOS security operating system to produce a high-performance solution that can deliver best-in-class results. Skeptical? Check out the 2012 Network Firewall group test results to see how the FortiGate-800C delivered amazing results.

The ability of the FortiGate product line to do well in these tests also illustrates the flexibility customers have to deploy it as a FW, NGFW, or IPS. You pick the security technology you need, and FortiGate delivers. Regardless of deployment, it’s the same OS running in every FortiGate, from our largest chassis-based solutions protecting global telcos, to our smallest models protecting the distributed enterprise.

Want more information on the NSS Labs’ awards? Click here to download the reports.

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