Pervasive Ransomware Infection Cost German Software Company Pilz Tens Of Millions Of Euros

A pervasive ransomware infection cost the German automation company Pilz an estimated tens of millions of euros, says Jan Tournois, director of the Dutch department of the multinational. Pilz systems became infected... Read more »

The Top Lesson From The Recent Louisiana 2,000-server Ransomware Infection: “User Education, User Education, User Education”

Louisiana suffered a ransomware attack last week that took down more than two thousand of the state’s computers and servers. The ransomware apparently entered the network after a user downloaded an unauthorized... Read more »

110 Nursing Homes Cut Off from Health Records in Ransomware Attack

Brian Krebs reported: “A ransomware outbreak has besieged a Wisconsin based IT company that provides cloud data hosting, security and access management to more than 100 nursing homes across the United States.... Read more »

[Heads-up] Scary New MegaCortex Ransomware Strain Discovered That Targets Your Business Network

Sophos has discovered a scary new strain of very sophisticated ransomware called MegaCortex. It was purpose-built to target corporate networks, and once penetrated, the attackers infect your entire network by rolling out... Read more »