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Two-factor authentication for secure access to cloud apps in hybrid AD

In an earlier post, we dealt with the benefits of single sign-on (SSO) for cloud apps in hybrid Active Directory (AD). While SSO is good in the sense that it simplifies user access to multiple cloud apps, it doesn’t adequately shield users from compromised credentials. When a user’s password is compromised in an SSO environment, […]

Password Syncing: A Remedy to the YAUP Syndrome

Gone are the days  when users worked on a single IT system.  Users today have mastered the art of working with different IT platforms, thanks to the proliferation of apps across  platforms and the urgent need to adapt to technological advancements. Organizations today implement new solutions and apps targeted to solve everyday problems.

2014 Security Year in Review

Whew! Thank goodness 2014 is over! Well, at least if you are considering the year’s security issues, attacks, leaks, and password ​ issues . As a security and Windows Active Directory professional, ​ I feel like I have earned the right and it is the appropriate time to say, “I told you so.” ​ Let me put this into perspective, to prove my point. 2014 financial services firms – $20.8 million lost to breaches 2014 tech companies – $14.5 million lost to breaches 2014 communication providers – $12.7 million lost to breaches Ebay – 150 million user accounts compromised due to phishing attacks, users asked to change password immediately Home Depot – 56 million credit cards compromised US Post Office – 800,000 employees’ confidential data breached Unfortunately, there are many ​ , many more that could be listed

Windows Active Directory Password Policy: Still ​Misunderstood

I am going to make this short and sweet. I want to not focus on the Password Policy settings and ​ focus just on the deployment of the Password Policy in Active Directory. Here is the reality of the Password Policy in bullet format, for easier consumption: The Password Policy for the domain is defined in the Default Domain Policy Group Policy Object (GPO) by default

Success Story: Netherland’s Top Research University Consolidates & Streamlines Privileged Password Management Processes using Password Manager…

Wageningen UR, an institution of international repute in the sphere of Life Sciences deals with a huge collection of intellectual property, scientific literature, confidential data, research records, details about the staff and students and a host of other sensitive information. Needless to say, the IT department of Wageningen UR is tasked with the challenge of safe upkeep of disparate IT infrastructure, combating cyber-attacks, ensuring information security and network availability. Manual Password Management Processes like maintaining privileged passwords on paper in a safe proved highly inefficient and drove users to create individual password management solutions at Wageningen UR.

Launch secure, browser-based Windows RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions from Password Manager Pro

Launching remote login sessions: Ease of use Vs Security Organizations are deploying privileged password management solutions to mitigate cyber threats and control access to sensitive IT resources. Access requirements themselves are changing in response to evolving business demands such as partners and contractors requiring remote access to internal resources. In turn, IT is seeking solutions that are secure, easy to use and let end users launch a remote login session with a single click, regardless of the target system type or authentication method and, at times, without disclosing the passwords.

Password Manager Pro emerges the top choice of IT Managers across the globe in 2011

2011 is fast drawing to a close. While looking ahead for a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year 2012, we just looked back and reflected on the year just gone by. What a fabulous year it has been! Password Manager Pro has grown by leaps and bounds, literally