2014 Security Year in Review

Whew! Thank goodness 2014 is over! Well, at least if you are considering the year’s security issues, attacks, leaks, and password ​ issues . As a security and Windows Active Directory... Read more »

Beware: Hackers in your car, TV and light-bulbs?

We all know we should be careful transacting online, but are you thinking about cyber-security when you’re watching TV or driving your car? If you’re like me, those flashy new products... Read more »

Are Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Cybercriminals?

Kids these days. Up to their usual antics like cutting class, inventing new senior pranks and…hacking into computer systems? Lately, high school campuses have been the breeding grounds for what seems... Read more »

Astaro at sixth EC2ND 2010

  The sixth European Conference on Computer Network Defense (EC2ND) was held at the Technische Universität Berlin on October 28/29 and Astaro sponsored that event this year. Beside the scientific aspirations... Read more »