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New Revisions of UTM 525 and UTM 625 Released

In response to market demand for Next Generation Firewall capabilities, we have just launched two enhanced high-end Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, Sophos UTM 525 and 625. Both models are ideal for larger organisations that require greater throughput speeds and more flexible deployment options. The Sophos UTM 525 and 625 are both based on the latest Intel Sandy Bridge server technology (using Intel Multi-Core Xeon CPUs) for optimum performance.

ASG Up2Date 7.513 Released

Today we have released ASG 7.513 for those customers still using this old version. This Up2Date is designed to provide an announcement that only a few days is left before ASG 7 sunsets as part of the End-of-Life Announcement ( http://www.astaro.com/en-uk/blog/up2date/ASGV7EOL ). Package details are found by reading on

ASG 8.308 Up2Date Released

We have started to spread ASG Up2Date 8.308, which finalizes the process for one-touch upgrading to UTM 9 for supported appliances by solving a few issues and polishing the operation across all remaining models. Note that HA/Clustering systems are not yet supported and will unlock at a later date in early 2013. As part of the adjustments, you now need to be at ASG 8.308 to perform the UTM 9 one-touch upgrade, so install this release before attempting, as version 8.306 and 8.307 will not be allowed to upgrade anymore

Up2date 7.512 Released

Following the release of an Up2Date for our Version 8 line, we also have a release for Astaro Security Gateway Version 7 which is designed to address a connectivity issue with SwissCom DSL that was introduced due to changes by that ISP. We'll also take this chance to address some published vulnerabilites for SSL and fix a few bugs. Keep in mind that ASG V7 is due to sunset at the end of this year in December 2012 and will be end-of-life at that time

The Sophos-Astaro Roadshow 2012

We would like to thank everyone who visited the Sophos-Astaro Partner Roadshow events and hope that you were able to take enough valuable information home with you. It was especially pleasing for us to greet so many new (and familiar) faces and open the IT security “Complete Security” chapter