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Twitter Hacks: How Avoid Being the Next Victim

Perhaps it had been too long since Twitter was the center of the public attention. Drama junkies were treated to a triple-whammy of cyber news this week when miscreants hacked into the Twitter accounts of Jeep, Burger King and none other than the global hacker collective Anonymous. In an ironic twist of plot, the infamous hacker group’s Twitter account was apparently overtaken by rival hacktivists, according to the BBC.

ASG Up2Date 7.513 Released

Today we have released ASG 7.513 for those customers still using this old version. This Up2Date is designed to provide an announcement that only a few days is left before ASG 7 sunsets as part of the End-of-Life Announcement ( http://www.astaro.com/en-uk/blog/up2date/ASGV7EOL ). Package details are found by reading on

ASG 8.308 Up2Date Released

We have started to spread ASG Up2Date 8.308, which finalizes the process for one-touch upgrading to UTM 9 for supported appliances by solving a few issues and polishing the operation across all remaining models. Note that HA/Clustering systems are not yet supported and will unlock at a later date in early 2013. As part of the adjustments, you now need to be at ASG 8.308 to perform the UTM 9 one-touch upgrade, so install this release before attempting, as version 8.306 and 8.307 will not be allowed to upgrade anymore

UTM 9.001 Up2Date Released

Following the GA release of UTM 9, we have our first Up2Date available today. This is a bugfix release designed to enhance the stability and performance of your installation. For ASG V8 appliance users – work is progressing on the next Up2Date for that platform which will enable the one-touch migration for elligible platforms.

Exclusive Preview: Sophos UTM 9 Beta Demo

Sophos UTM 9 expands the perimeter of protection to the endpoint, further strengthening its “protect everywhere” value proposition for customers. And integrated UTM (Unified Threat Management) means having a single solution that further reduces attack surfaces and plugs the gaps separate point solutions can create

Astaro Log Management in Beta Status

I’m happy to announce our new Log Management service which will be available at the end of June with the ASG V8.200 update. You may like to bridge the gap and test the ASG Beta version which also includes Log Management – for free, of course! With Astaro Log Management, you are able to search all logs across all your systems with a single click, reducing troubleshooting time by up to 80%. The system can automatically alert administrators to repeated failed logins, application errors etc., so they are able to fix IT issues before users even notice