Astaro Log Management in Beta Status

I’m happy to announce our new Log Management service which will be available at the end of June with the ASG V8.200 update. You may like to bridge the gap and test the ASG Beta version which also includes Log Management – for free, of course!

With Astaro Log Management, you are able to search all logs across all your systems with a single click, reducing troubleshooting time by up to 80%. The system can automatically alert administrators to repeated failed logins, application errors etc., so they are able to fix IT issues before users even notice. Additionally, it will help organizations comply with PCI standards and other regulations..

» How To Get Your Astaro Log Management BETA

During the ASG V8.2 Beta period, which will run until approximately late June, we would like to encourage you to post your impressions, feedback, bug reports and all the associated issues you like (and don't like) in our user forum. At the end of the beta, we will reward our most active contributors with great prizes!
You can find more information such as our datasheet and 2 Minute Explainer video on Log Management on our website.

I'm looking forward to your feedback. Enjoy testing!

Kathrin Möschle
Product Marketing Manager


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