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New NSS Labs Report: IE’s Browser Security Bests Others

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 is the most secure web browser according to the results of a mid-May 2013 NSS Labs’ analysis. Apple Safari 5, Google Chrome 25/26, Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Foxfire 19 and Opera 12 were all evaluated against malware downloads and socially engineered malware. Results show that Chrome’s malware download protection improved significantly, up to more than 83 percent from a 70 percent performance in NSS’ October 2012 analysis, Browser C…

IT-Harvest Interviews Fortinet’s John Maddison (video)

In the following video, IT-Harvest’s Richard Stiennon interviews John Maddison, Fortinet’s vice president of marketing on how Fortinet views itself in the security market. Topics covered include network security performance, the depth and breadth of the company’s product line and the company’s technology innovation.

App Security Wins Move at Snail’s Pace

Of 200 enterprise security professionals recently surveyed by Enterprise Strategy Group, 79 percent report Web application security attacks in the past year. In a late April Network World blog on the topic, Jon Oltsik, a principal analyst at ESG, said the study also found thieves attacked Web application features and functions such as application authentication, configuration management, application authorization and session management. Oltsik says the good news is that there’s more em…

Cutting Wires, Costs: A Look at Creating Wireless Efficiencies

Wireless network infrastructure – for anyone in business, it’s a necessary evil and, perhaps ironically, one that isn’t short on infrastructure. You need a controller and wireless routers or access points – lots of them – enabling wireless networks to join an existing wired network. You’ll have to invest in a site planner/survey tool, or risk incorrectly guessing where the APs should go