NSA Has Large Disks

One of the hottest buzz of the moment certainly is the breaking news about NSA collecting phone records of Verizon subscribers. According to court order, Verizon has been asked to provide NSA... Read more »

Phishing – Alive and Well

Last week I was getting caught up on the usual deluge of emails, and one caught my eye. I’ll admit, at first glance, I almost clicked without thinking. Read more »

Dr.Jekyll or Mr.Hyde?

We recently had a company contact us regarding an email they received from their bank. The company’s access to their online banking account was blocked by its bank due to fraudulent activity... Read more »

Preventing DDoS: What to Look for in a Security Solution

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise, and they’re only getting stronger. This was driven home by The New York Times report on how anti-spam organization Spamhaus fell prey... Read more »