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[Heads-up] Will Proposed New Laws *Ban* Making Ransomware Payments?

The ransomware scourge has become much worse the last 12 months. Highly organized cybercrime gangs have iterated their attacks into a massive extortion racket. They are focusing on easy prey, and recently dozens of local governments, school systems and non-profits have been infected, apart from very visible large companies that suffered weeks of downtime. To […]

Tufin Talks ‘Magic’ in Network Security Abstraction

There’s no shortage of reports on the latest network security breaches. Each incident holds its own valuable security lesson but it’s beneficial to recognize the incremental successes paving the way to progress. That’s exactly what Reuven Harrison of Fortinet’s solution partner Tufin did in a blog published last week.

The Honeywords Solution

It’s rare that a week goes by without headlines of data breaches or malware attacks – or the introduction of a solution to stop them in their tracks. The latter is increasingly important, thanks to a rash of exploits on LivingSocial, eHarmony, Sony and Evernote – all part of a long, growing list of high-profile targets. The latest, greatest remedy is what researchers at MIT and RSA have dubbed “honeywords” – a new way to deter hackers from leveraging data…

Twitter Adds 2FA

Yesterday Twitter announced that it has enabled two-factor authentication for users of their popular service. As we wrote in our Two-Factor Authentication Solution Brief earlier this year: the password as you know it is dead. As we continue to move into a world where literally everything we do touches the Internet in some fashion, companies owe it to their users and customers ways of ensuring they provide safe and secure methods of authentication

Cutting Wires, Costs: A Look at Creating Wireless Efficiencies

Wireless network infrastructure – for anyone in business, it’s a necessary evil and, perhaps ironically, one that isn’t short on infrastructure. You need a controller and wireless routers or access points – lots of them – enabling wireless networks to join an existing wired network. You’ll have to invest in a site planner/survey tool, or risk incorrectly guessing where the APs should go