[Heads-up] Will Proposed New Laws *Ban* Making Ransomware Payments?

[Heads-up] Will Proposed New Laws *Ban* Making Ransomware Payments?

The ransomware scourge has become much worse the last 12 months. Highly organized cybercrime gangs have iterated their attacks into a massive extortion racket. They are focusing on easy prey, and recently... Read more »

5 Tips to Prevent CEO Fraud

Every day, employees are regularly receiving spoofed emails. Even C-level executives are receiving fraudulent requests to transfer money or provide sensitive information. This form of social engineering is known as CEO fraud... Read more »

Cyber-Insurance Premiums Jump as High as 25% and May Now Require Co-Insurance

With enough claims under the belts of insurance companies covering data ransoms, data theft, and other types of cyberattack, the risk appears to be shifting somewhat back to the policyholder. Let me... Read more »