This Week’s Five: Entrepreneurs flying into the cloud

This Week’s Five is the column where we bring to you a collection of five interesting reads from all over the web,  with a different topic every week. This week, we are exploring the benefits of cloud computing for entrepreneurs and small business owners with regards to their website and server monitoring.

We’re putting together some interesting articles about cloud computing solutions we’ve come across in the past few days,

Ø  Cloud Computing Boosts Next Generation of Startups, Survey Shows

Cloud computing isn’t just potentially delivering savings and flexibility for existing organizations. It is also laying the groundwork for a new generation of business startups, a new survey findings show.

Ø  Why a $20 Million Business Moved Its Data to the Cloud

Among the many challenges faced by new business owners is what they’re going to do about their technological infrastructure. Mac or a PC? Will everything be centrally controlled–often necessary due to privacy regulations–or will employees be encouraged to bring their own devices? And, will they own and support their infrastructure in-house or base it in the cloud?

Ø  Cloud computing is silver lining for entrepreneurs

With the police being able to easily seize equipment, such raids are a persistent fear for Russian entrepreneurs. But cloud computing offers them a new tool to reduce the risks by moving their data out of the country, often into Latvia, anex-Soviet state that affords convenience for Russian businessmen.

Ø  Making the cloud work for your business

In his book Cloudonomics, author Joe Weinman explains how businesses can strategically employ cloud computing to both generate profitable revenue and deliver clear benefits to clients and customers. In this edited excerpt, Weinman outlines how small businesses can best use the cloud

Ø  To Grow or Die in the cloud

There is currently a land-grab market opportunity around cloud that is a once-in-a-decade (or more) phenomenon. Growth and innovation are critically important to capture the long-term leadership position, because aggressive challengers are lurking close behind the leaders in many cases.

So, this weekend, think about this smart move of monitoring your business servers and websites from the cloud.

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