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Sophos ASG 8.310 Up2Date Released

We have released an update for those running Astaro Security Gateway V8. Version 8.310 is a bugfix release that stabilizes your installation and improves the Web Filtering and RED along with some other fixes.. For more information, read on! ASG 8.310 Up2Date Details News  -Bugfix release -Stability improvements for Web Filter -Stability improvements for RED -Bug fixes in mail proxies for mails with mixed Japanses charsets -Update timezone definitions   Remarks -System will be rebooted -Configuration will be Upgraded Bugfixes [22922] Loadbar hangs while scrolling on dashboard Download: Link: ftp.astaro.com/ASG/v8/up2date/u2d-sys-8.310.tgz.gpg MD5Sum:  ftp://ftp.astaro.com/ASG/v8/up2date/u2d-sys-8.310.tgz.gpg.md5 Size: ~123MB  Up2Date Installation:  Sophos Up2Date technology makes it easy to update your Astaro Security Gateway.

ASG Up2Date 7.513 Released

Today we have released ASG 7.513 for those customers still using this old version. This Up2Date is designed to provide an announcement that only a few days is left before ASG 7 sunsets as part of the End-of-Life Announcement ( http://www.astaro.com/en-uk/blog/up2date/ASGV7EOL ). Package details are found by reading on

ASG 8.308 Up2Date Released

We have started to spread ASG Up2Date 8.308, which finalizes the process for one-touch upgrading to UTM 9 for supported appliances by solving a few issues and polishing the operation across all remaining models. Note that HA/Clustering systems are not yet supported and will unlock at a later date in early 2013. As part of the adjustments, you now need to be at ASG 8.308 to perform the UTM 9 one-touch upgrade, so install this release before attempting, as version 8.306 and 8.307 will not be allowed to upgrade anymore

UTM 9.004 Up2Date Released

We have just uploaded released UTM 9.004. This main reason for this release is to support our new UTM 100 product and its associated licensing, and we'll also take the opportunity to increase the stability of UTM 9 by quashing a few bugs, notably a pesky one with IOS6 and the Cisco VPN client which we support. IOS6 should again work with your UTM VPN configurations.

Reminder: Astaro Security Gateway V7 is End-of-Life December 31st, 2012

With just two months to go until the sun sets on Astaro Security Gateway V7, this will serve as one of the final reminders. Version 7 of Astaro Security Gateway will be end-of-life on December 31st 2012.  If you do not have an ASG V7 installation, you are unaffected by this announcement and can disregard it.

ASG 8.306 Up2Date Released & UTM 9 Appliance One-Touch Upgrade News

With this GA release of ASG 8.306, in addition to dozens of bugfixes we have also put in place the needed mechanics for valid hardware appliances to perform a one-touch upgrade from Astaro Security Gateway to Sophos UTM 9. However, upgrading will happen at staged intervals