UTM 9.1 Public Beta Begins!

I'd like to personally invite you to test the Beta version of the upcoming of our flagship network security platform – Sophos UTM. Version 9.1 evolves the venerable 9.0 release and offers dozens of new features like Repeating and Bridging for our popular Wireless offering using the AP50, enforcement of Web filtering profiles on our UTM Endpoint Client, new security features for Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Device), options for working with MAC addressses as part of your security rules, and over 50 other new things! The UTM 9.1 Beta is open to anyone who would like to participate, and throughout the new few months leading up to the GA release you will have the option to test even more new features as they are added, like Mobile Control managed from the UTM itself. Read on for the links and information of how to get a sneak peek of what we are hard at work creating.

Getting started is easy, just head over to our dedicated UTM 9.1 Beta Forum for all the details about the initial UTM 9.1 beta, download links, and other information. You can test the UTM 9.1 Beta on official appliances, on your own hardware, and even in virtual environments like VMware or Citrix Xen. All the information you need is in the Beta Forum, which is updated constanty and patrolled by many of our staff from various departments. I can assure you, your comments will be read and evaluated in detail. Don't miss out on this chance to test, post your feedback, and help shape the final product with your input! We look forward to seeing you as a tester and hearing what you think of UTM 9.1!


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