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Sophos UTM 9 Released

Today, after months in development representing thousands of hours of  work, I am proud to announce that Sophos UTM 9 is being released. The next major version for the product formerly known as Astaro Security Gateway, UTM 9 is a major new version that offers over 60 new features and abilities. Received with much fanfare at various partner events and by our beta testers, excitement surrounds the ability to manage the security of your endpoints directly within the UTM itself

Up2date 7.512 Released

Following the release of an Up2Date for our Version 8 line, we also have a release for Astaro Security Gateway Version 7 which is designed to address a connectivity issue with SwissCom DSL that was introduced due to changes by that ISP. We'll also take this chance to address some published vulnerabilites for SSL and fix a few bugs. Keep in mind that ASG V7 is due to sunset at the end of this year in December 2012 and will be end-of-life at that time

Up2date 8.303 Released

Greetings! We have released an Up2Date for the Astaro Security Gateway 8 which will bring your installation to version 8.303. This Up2Date will improve Active Directory integration when operating with Web Protection, improves the Web Security reporting in many areas, and resolves some issues reported in the past weeks. You should apply this Up2Date in order to ensure the best performance and stability of your Astaro Security Gateway installation

You, Us, and the Amazon Cloud

As several customers and partners have expressed their interest in our current Amazon capabilities, I'd like to take the chance to summarize our integration with Amazon and their excellent cloud services. In ASG 8.300, we added two different areas of support with Amazon Web Services (AWS) products; our solution can be run within the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2)using a pre-built machine image provided by us, along with a dedicated Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) connector to join your ASG to your VPC with a level of ease never before possible. As a result, you then saw the business case possibilities around using RED appliances and WIFI Access Points for connecting branch offices back to products hosted within Amazon; we have shipped thousands of units in response

Telemedicine and improving patient care

Studies show that  physicians who study in large cities prefer to stay there and it can be difficult for rural areas to attract doctors. Additionally, as training costs rise and doctors look to large city hospitals for their careers, rural areas in states like such as Minnesota and Indiana have noticed a shortage in doctors