Sophos UTM 9 Public Beta Begins

The next major version of Astaro Security Gateway will be known as Sophos UTM 9. You are invited to participate in our just-released public Beta of this version to test and provide feedback which we will use to shape and polish the product as we move towards GA. The public Beta for UTM 9 is scheduled to run until late June, in preparation for a release that is targeted for July 15th.

Many exciting new features have been added; we have extended onto the desktop with Endpoint Protection, Wireless Protection has a new captive portal system which is perfect for hotels & coffee shops, and a jaw-dropping HTML5 VPN Portal for true clientless access makes its debut as well. Full details on the UTM 9 Public Beta, (along with download links and license keys) can be found here in our community forums. A brief overview of some notable things you might be waiting for can be viewed by reading on. 

Sophos UTM 9 At A Glance
Major New Features

  • Endpoint Protection
  • Wireless Captive Portals
  • HTML5 VPN Portal
  • Sophos Anti-Virus Engine
  • New WebAdmin GUI Look

Minor New Features

  • Apple iOS Support for WebAdmin
  • YouTube for Schools
  • 1:1 NAT Rules
  • New Appliance LCD Functions
  • HA/Clustering Cold-Standby During Up2Date
  • Constant Live-Log Button
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • New Listbox Functionality
  • Network Definition Ranges
  • Download and Distribution of User VPN Configurations
  • Multiple Objects in Firewall Rules

There are many more new things for you to see and test (over 100 in fact), and I invite you to create and vote for features at our  feature request site, your idea could change the product and benefit others! On behalf of myself, the Network Security Group, and all of Sophos, enjoy the Beta of UTM 9 and be sure to share your results in our forums.


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