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The Disturbing Reality of Guest Network Security

The Disturbing Reality of Guest Network Security New WatchGuard functionality enhances security and convenience to better protect guest network users across hotel, restaurant and other hospitality organizations Life on the road no longer means losing touch. Today’s global travelers rely on Internet access for both work and pleasure, whether it’s responding to business email, planning vacation activities or staying connected with loved ones still at home.

Is Data Encryption Compromising Network Performance? Not with WatchGuard.

New WatchGuard Firebox M400 and M500 NGFW and UTM appliances outperform the competition by 61 percent, delivering uncompromised security to meet the rise of encrypted traffic head-on. Rising Network Traffic Leads to Compromised Security Encrypted network traffic growth is exploding! Enterprises and service providers are adopting data encryption as a security precaution – especially as the fallout from the “Snowden effect” continues