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Patch Manager Plus is among B2B review platform’s top performing patching solutions

CompareCamp is a trusted B2B review platform manned by leading industry experts that evaluate SaaS tools. It’s a credible source of SaaS reviews that provides tips, information, and analysis to help businesses select the right software. According to the experts at CompareCamp and users of the platform, Patch Manager Plus is one of the market’s […]

Adobe Patches Flash but Delays Reader Update

Summary: This vulnerability affects : Adobe Flash Player running on all platforms and Adobe Air How an attacker exploits it : By enticing users to visit a website containing malicious Flash content Impact : In the worst case, an attacker can execute code on the user’s computer, potentially gaining control of it What to do : Download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for your platform Exposure: Adobe Flash Player displays interactive, animated web content called Flash . Although Flash is optional, 99% of PC users download and install it to view multimedia web content.

Patching Java: Prevent Failed Java Updates

Learn more about patching Java with SolarWinds Patch Manager: bit.ly Patching non-Microsoft applications or custom applications is a very time consuming process that involves researching, testing, packaging and deploying the patch. SolarWinds Patch Manager automates these processes

3rd Party Patching with System Center Configuration Manager

Learn how Patch Manager extends the power of SCCM for 3rd party app patch management at: bit.ly System Center Configuration Manager™ provides the ability to update third party patches using SCUP (System Center Updates Publisher). This is a fairly manual process because you need to research patches that are needed, obtain and run the update installer and document pre and post-installation conditions.

Desktop Central now expands Patch support for WinRAR, CD burner, WinZip and many more

Enterprises today use software applications from multiple vendors for their business needs apart from Microsoft. Third party vendors have also started releasing security updates and patches on a regular basis. It is very significant to keep these applications up to date and ensure enterprises business runs smoothly.