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Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for December 2018

Another month and another Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft. But this month, the buzz is all about a third-party patch from Adobe that addresses a zero-day vulnerability. This vulnerability (CVE-2018-15982) is rated critical since it’s being actively exploited in the wild. It’s said that this vulnerability allows a maliciously crafted Flash object to execute code […]

Using WSUS or SCCM to Roll Out 3rd Party Patches

Download a free 30-day trial of SolarWinds Patch Manager now: www.solarwinds.com Overview of WSUS and Patch Manager products and their evolution, discussion of the methodology for implementing third party updates functionality using WSUS and Patch Manager, and a live demonstration of the end-to-end process for acquiring, publishing, and deploying a third-party update.

Patch Manager Guided Tour

Learn more about the patch management capabilities of SolarWinds Patch Manager by visiting: www.solarwinds.com This video provides a guided tour of all the key features for patching Microsoft & 3rd party apps and reporting on patch compliance. This demo showcases how to do view the current state of the selected systems using the Update Details tab, create a WSUS inventory task, use the Update Approvals tab, use the Update Management Wizard and demonstrates how to customize reports. This demo showcases how to do the following tasks in SolarWinds Patch Manager: How do I tell what patches are needed

Patching Java: Prevent Failed Java Updates

Learn more about patching Java with SolarWinds Patch Manager: bit.ly Patching non-Microsoft applications or custom applications is a very time consuming process that involves researching, testing, packaging and deploying the patch. SolarWinds Patch Manager automates these processes

Patch Compliance Reporting: Detect & Patch Known Application Vulnerabilities

Learn more about the patch compliance reporting capabilities of SolarWinds Patch Manager: bit.ly Per an Aberdeen Group survey, if you are only patching Microsoft® applications, you are only covered for 10-20% of patch vulnerabilities. 3rd party applications are 3.8X more vulnerable than Microsoft applications

Patching Virtual Machines to Control Threats from VM Sprawl

Learn more about patching virtual machines with SolarWinds Patch Manager at bit.ly Patching virtual machines is a problematic task because of VM sprawl. Many of these virtual machines are often dormant or off-line but can be brought back to life at a moments notice, and if not patched, will…

Preview of September 2012 Patch Manager Release

Abstract: For more information on Patch Manager, visit: www.solarwinds.com SolarWinds® Patch Manager helps you ensure patch compliance and severely reduce the time you spend on patching Microsoft® & 3rd party applications with provided pre-built/pre-tested patches. Check out this short video to see how you can get alerted when common 3rd party application updates are available, report on patch status and compliance, create custom application packages, and add complex before and after patch scenarios to updates like Java®.

Top Story: Server & Application Monitor Goes BIG

To get your free download: bit.ly SolarWinds provides four outstanding products for managing your systems, servers, and applications. We have expanded our offerings and now have a huge footprint of coverage in solutions for the SysAdmin audience. The following video outlines the full assortment of solutions we offer