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Why Choose ManageEngine Endpoint Central? An In-Depth Review of Its Top Features

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, managing and securing endpoints is more critical than ever. ManageEngine Endpoint Central stands out as a unified endpoint management and security solution, acclaimed for its comprehensive capabilities in mobile device management, patch management, IT asset management, and more[1][3]. With a robust overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars […]

Patch Manager Plus now offers support for drivers and BIOS updates

Among the updates that we ignore most are driver updates, and sometimes for good reason. There have been plenty of cases wherein a driver update caused more harm than good. This could be due to two reasons. One, the user blindly clicked the update without taking a minute to read what the update actually achieves, […]

Desktop Central Now Speaks in Your Language!

Yes, you read it right. Desktop Central, your integrated desktop and mobile device management software, just got better!  It is now available in Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, and German.   We always understood the prominent role Desktop Central plays in your work ; it helps you , for perform ing   D esktop   M anagement tasks such as patch management and , software installation , and also mobile device management tasks

Safeguard Your Computers Easily with Desktop Central’s Exclusive Patch Edition

Is your organization focusing on securing its network against operating system and application vulnerabilities to alleviate costs due to potential threats?  Then you are perhaps looking not just for a comprehensive solution, but also a scalable product so that the future needs of the organization can be met. Well then, here’s Desktop Central ‘s   Patch Management suite  that’ll meet all your needs to the tee! This edition will automate heterogeneous patch deployments and  provide extensive reporting capabilities

Desktop Central Simplifies Desktop Management; Reduces Expenses by 60% for CIMS

Read our case study on how Desktop Central reduced expenses by 60% for the Care Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS). In the case study, we tell you exactly how  Desktop Central improved desktop management operations and managed a diverse array of devices to simplify the work of the system administrators at CIMS

Kywi automates Patch Management and achieves operational efficiency using Desktop Central

Challenge Kywi belongs to construction industry and their offices are spread across different locations and deploying patches was the most complicated task. Even when they scan and deploy patches, the bandwidth consumption was taking a toll on their IT costs. Their manual efforts were time consuming, which resulted in difficulty in managing the systems