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The Present and Future of Mobile Device Management

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in January 2007, it marked the birth of a new era in mobile technologies. The mobile revolution has come a long way since then with enthusiasts now talking about wearables, targeted apps, remote charging, and more. In the next two years, the Internet of Things will make automation a part of daily life.

​Desktop Central Supports Samsung KNOX and Makes Enterprise Devices More Secure

Samsung ​ KNOX empowers enterprises to  build, customize, and remotely manage a Fort Knox that fortifies corporate data with multi -level protection. Now, your corporate data can be just as safe as the  ​ US gold reserve .

Desktop Central Now Speaks in Your Language!

Yes, you read it right. Desktop Central, your integrated desktop and mobile device management software, just got better!  It is now available in Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, and German.   We always understood the prominent role Desktop Central plays in your work ; it helps you , for perform ing   D esktop   M anagement tasks such as patch management and , software installation , and also mobile device management tasks

Ready to Master BYOD for Maximum Business Impact? Read Our Latest White Paper.

As mobile devices continue to replace PCs in the workplace, we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in enterprise mobility. Today, smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, and employees can access most of their business applications while on the go. Education, manufacturing, and health care are a few of the industries that have responded well to the mobile trend, allowing employees to securely access corporate  data from personal and company-owned mobile devices securely