Safeguard Your Computers Easily with Desktop Central’s Exclusive Patch Edition

Is your organization focusing on securing its network against operating system and application vulnerabilities to alleviate costs due to potential threats?  Then you are perhaps looking not just for a comprehensive solution, but also a scalable product so that the future needs of the organization can be met. Well then, here’s Desktop Central‘s Patch Management suite
 that’ll meet all your needs to the tee! This edition will automate heterogeneous patch deployments and  provide extensive reporting capabilities. It is quite easy to set up and use. And as you support mobility, you can be fully assured that the systems will be updated and secured continuously.



 Here’s a snapshot of all that the Patch edition offers-

  • Patch Management for Windows: Automated discovery of Windows systems with periodic vulnerability assessment scans.

  • Third-Party Patch Management: Support for third-party security updates and patches released by major applications such as Adobe Reader, Java, and Firefox.

  • Service Pack Installation: Scanning and identifying the missing Service Packs for Windows operating systems and applications.

  • Antivirus Definition Updates: Support for periodic definition updates by anti-virus software vendors like Microsoft.

  • Mac Patch Management: Patch deployment to Mac operating systems and other third-party applications that run on Mac.

  • Patch Management Reports: Detailed information presenting your network’s vulnerability by periodic scanning.

 The Patch Edition also brings key system tools that create multiple tasks and schedule planned maintenance actions that are tightly coupled with patch management. Wake on LAN, System Manager, and Remote Shutdown can be executed on different target computers at different intervals. In addition, all  other Desktop Central features such as software deployment, inventory management, and remote control can be utilized and evaluated on 25 computers.

Mobile Device Management add-on is available with our integrated software solution. You can purchase this add-on along with the Patch Edition for over-the-air configuration and management of the iOS, Android, and Windows devices you administer. By default, you can manage profiles, asset data, apps, and perform other Mobile Device Management functions on up to five devices.

 So what are you waiting for? Try out Desktop Central and be amazed!

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