Desktop Central helps BMI Healthcare reduce 70% of their IT expenditure

BMI Healthcare is the acute private hospital division of General Healthcare Group and is the largest independent provider of private health care in the UK with 69 hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country.

The IT team of BMI Healthcare required a centralized management solution to manage its 6,500 IP enabled devices across the UK to ensure visibility and understanding of the entire IT landscape.

They found their exiting solution Symantec Altris to be complex making systems management and maintenance process quite cumbersome. In addition, the existing solution provided little visibility into the inventory of the Desktop estate.

BMI was on the lookout for a solution that could replace Symantec Altiris, which meant the new solution should able to monitor devices like medical equipment across its estate, administer the required software and security updates and enable users to continue operating within a secure environment with maximum availability of systems.

After evaluating various tools, they chose ManageEngine Desktop Central. It proved to be an effective desktop management solution, which is helping the IT team to perform activities such as installation of periodical software updates, weekly patch management, delivery of service packs to any Windows-based device including medical equipment, standardizing desktop interfaces, administering company wide security policies and restricting the use of unsecured foreign devices, such as USB sticks and portable hard drives for their day-to-day operations.

In a case study profiled by Desktop Central, the Desktop Manager of the IT division of the BMI healthcare tells how Desktop Central has helped them in achieving their systems management objectives and reduce IT expenditure.

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