Patch Compliance Reporting: Detect & Patch Known Application Vulnerabilities

Learn more about the patch compliance reporting capabilities of SolarWinds Patch Manager: Per an Aberdeen Group survey, if you are only patching Microsoft® applications, you are only covered for 10-20% of patch vulnerabilities. 3rd party applications are 3.8X more vulnerable than Microsoft applications. In this short video Lawrence Garvin, WSUS MVP, will demo how, with SolarWinds Patch Manager, you can receive alerts when a new patch becomes available, centrally deploy the patch(es) to the right machines, and report on the status of compliance. With Patch Manager’s easy-to-use reporting, you can easily determine the status of known patch vulnerabilities throughout your environment and reliably demonstrate to auditors and IT teams that all systems are patched and compliant. For example, Patch Manager’s patch compliance reporting can help you answer these basic patch management questions in just a few simple steps. What is the status of the security and critical updates that were recently released by Microsoft? What is the status of the recent security and critical updates released on “this date” for Adobe Reader and Mozilla Firefox?

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