Response to SolarWinds comparing SAM vs ManageEngine Applications Manager

A few weeks back, SolarWinds posted a presentation comparing their product SolarWinds SAM versus ManageEngine Applications Manager. It contained many errors and fabrications. That’s not a surprise!

The reality is that SolarWinds is at best a network monitoring product company. One can only assume being a public company, they are aggressively trying to meet their financial goals by overhyping product capabilities, confusing potential customers and picking the wrong fights.

In an effort to give customers a more transparent analysis of our respective application performance monitoring solutions, we have responded with a presentation of our own.

We think our APM product is hands down superior, but admittedly we’re biased. So, in the interest of objectivity – let the market decide. ManageEngine challenges SolarWinds to an application performance monitoring public bake-off. 

SolarWinds, put your product where your mouth is! A head-to-head comparison of SolarWinds SAM vs ManageEngine Applications Manager conducted by a neutral third-party.
Let the truth be known! SolarWinds, let us know if you are game.

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The original article/video can be found at Response to SolarWinds comparing SAM vs ManageEngine Applications Manager

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