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The Poodle SSLv3

So here we go again! SSL is broken once more and this one now leaves us with no SSL Ciphers that we can reliably use in a live production site so I guess this now forces us to use the TLS suite of ciphers which in the past have also had problems. Lets put it this way – if you use any form of SSL ciphers your vulnerable! Qualys have again been quick to update the Qualys SSL Labs Test tool that they provide which is free to use. This will test your SSL Certificate and all the currently usable Ciphers for your site

Patch Manager Guided Tour

Learn more about the patch management capabilities of SolarWinds Patch Manager by visiting: www.solarwinds.com This video provides a guided tour of all the key features for patching Microsoft & 3rd party apps and reporting on patch compliance. This demo showcases how to do view the current state of the selected systems using the Update Details tab, create a WSUS inventory task, use the Update Approvals tab, use the Update Management Wizard and demonstrates how to customize reports. This demo showcases how to do the following tasks in SolarWinds Patch Manager: How do I tell what patches are needed